The Black Womens Declaration For Living Well



I do not require approval from others to know my self-worth.

I am a curator of personally enriching experiences and knowledge that help me to grow.

I constantly strive to do better for myself and be the best person I can be.

I do not apologize for wanting the best in life because I know that unlike those who choose to dismiss me, I am willing to work for it.

My network is my net worth and I carefully select those I allow to be close friends and confidants.

I actively seek to be in the presence of those that can help me achieve my goals and live a fuller, richer life.

I distance myself from people with broke a mentality and broken minds.

I am kind, compassionate, honest and loyal. I only show these traits to those that reciprocate them back to me.

I take care of my mental and physical wellbeing. I am honest with myself about my mental and physical state of health and seek help as and when I need it without feelings of shame or hesitation. I recognise that there is no shame in seeking professional help for my problems.

I will not be forced to conform to stereotypical ideals about my race/gender. I define who I am, nothing and no one else does.

I will not be a defender, sister solider or marching general for anyone that does not march for me and my sisters in our times of need.

I will not support those that dismiss, degrade or disrespect black women.

I support the progress of other like-minded black women.

And so it is, that I shall live better, do better and be better.

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